By the end of 2008, eleven (11) municipalities of Central Greece representing the capitals of the respective county and owned five regions agreed and accepted to join forces in order to serve their citizens, visitors, companies and central and local authorities by means of satisfying the current and future needs with telecommunications and information systems and instruments. Instigator of the whole enterprise is the Mayor of Trikala and success Municipal Development Company of the e-Trikala today is a globally recognized Digital City.

For the above reason, it was decided to establish a joint stock company with 11 municipalities as equal shareholders, investing in society and Digital Convergence, which will be organized to perform the commonly accepted and agreed strategy and to realize the vision of the company.

The creation of the company was decided at the first General Meeting of Shareholders-Municipalities that took place on January 23, 2009 at the City Hall of Trikala, Thessaly.

Thus was born the Intermunicipal Development Company “Digital Cities Central Greece SA  (CitiesNet)” which undertook a legal status (ARMA, VAT) on March 19, 2009 and announced in the Official Gazette No. 2217.

Its distinctive name is CitiesNet.

The company’s strategy is centered on its citizens, visitors, local companies, central and local government, and based on telecommunications (broadband, radio, Data, etc.), Computing and Information Systems, remote services offered from a distance, planned and undertaken on specific objectives (Management by Objectives).

The driving force of the strategy is to build national, regional and European projects aimed at similar and / or same goals and objectives and to offer basic and value-added services for their citizens, driven by cost savings that are required for the infrastructure, operation, maintenance and development of services, a customer service network and the promotion of its services.

Today, CitiesNet is the first Digital Community in Greece working to achieve the agreed strategies and objectives.