Digital Cities of Central Greece – CitiesNet

CitiesNet is a Greek Intermunicipal Leading Telecommunications Company with significant presentation on areas of Central Greece, Thessaly, Epirus, Western and Central Macedonia and will seek to expand to neighboring municipalities through the Municipal Corporations and Shareholdersselected partnerships investing in society and the digital convergence offering services to citizens, visitors and businesses.

The company along with the municipalitiesshareholders and associates operate and act contributing to the development and promotion of local products and services.

Today the company is aiming to serve more than 492,460 households and more than 659,094 people in its municipalities and 1,526,073 people in the surrounding area, beyond the businesses and visitors in each municipality. The region has a population of over 300,000 (120,000 in county capitals) older people and about 500,000 (200,000 in county capitals) young people and receives more than 3,500,000 visitors per year.

The company serves an area of the Aegean Sea to the Ionian Sea and from Kozani to Lamia an area that it is a link between North-South and East-West, which is the 24.59% of the geographical area of Greece and 14, 9% of the populated area of Greece.

The company is Intermunicipal Development SA of eleven (11) municipalities with VAT 998 214 103 and the registered office address in Trikala: CitiesNet, Street Kalambaka 28 & Abate, 42 100Trikala Thessaly.